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Non Volley Zone (The Kitchen)

9.E. A player may step on the non-volley line or enter the non-volley zone at any time except when that player is volleying the ball. There is no violation if your partner returns the ball while you are standing in the non-volley zone. A player may enter the non-volley zone before or
after returning any ball that bounces.
(anywhere in the boundaries of the court, not just the NVZ)

9.F. A player may stay inside the non-volley zone to return balls that bounce. That is, there is no violation if a player does not exit the non-volley zone after hitting a ball that bounces. (You do not have to step outside of the NVZ to "reset" when hitting a ball that has bounced)

Also, if you hit a ball that has not bounced and your momentum from that shot... no matter how long after the shot... makes you enter the NVZ then it is a fault.
Net Rules

2.C.4. Height. The net shall be suspended over the
center of the court and shall be 36 inches
(0.914 m) high at the sidelines and 34 inches
(0.86 m) high at the center of the court.

2.C.5. Center Strap. A center strap may be placed at
the center of the net to enable easy adjustment
to the 34 in. (0.86 m) requirement at center.

2.C.6. Net Edge. The top of the net should be edged
with a 2 inch (5.1 cm) white binding over a
cord or cable running through the binding. This
binding must rest upon the cord or cable.

2.C.7. Posts. Net posts should be placed outside the
sidelines. Recommended placement is 12
inches (30.48 cm) from the sideline.

Calling the Score

4.I. Readiness. Serves shall not be made until the receiver
is ready and the score has been called. Serving before
the score is called shall result in a fault
, and loss of

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