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Pickleball Association of Ontario (PAO) - Players are encouraged to join up to help continue the growth of this sport. We need government recognition and support.
Pickleball Canada Web Site
Official Rules - PDF
YouTube - Pickleball Channel - Multiple instructional videos
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Skills & Drills:  

Learn The Proper Technique for Pickleball Shots -  Watch these clips with a view to emulating the technique. Get your paddle out at home & practice hit as you watch.  If you have questions or need help feel free to ask at your next session.

Serve - Basic serve:
Vary your serve: 1. high & deep 2. power serve 3. soft angled serve - 

Return of Serve -


Third Shot -      OR

Dinking -   OR

Overhead Smash -  OR

Lobs -

Volleys -
OR   Half Volley Pickup -

Backhand -

Forehand -


What's Legal - Paddles, Balls & Serve

Instructional Resources
Take Care of Your Paddle

Taking good care of your paddle will extend its life. Here are some tips ...

  • Do not slap the net, your leg or any other surface with the paddle.
  • Try not to take "divots" by scraping the ground. This action will eventually cause breakage at the "neck" of your paddle. Just look at your edge guard at the top of the paddle. It will tell you if you take too many "divots."
  • Do not slap the edge of paddle on the ground.

These are sure ways of breaking the paddle at the neck. And it doesn't happen instantaneously. It usually happens after you have hit an overhead or a hard smash at the net. Why? Because the culmination of all the misuse results in weakening the neck of the paddle.

Other helpful hints ...

  • Wash the paddle face with a mild soap and water - The Pro-Lite Paddles have a beautiful finish. So wash it and it will look like new! And you will gain more spin on the ball too! Just take a damp cloth and add a very small amount of soap. Wash the face and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • After a while the edge guard may come loose. Use Elmer's Ultimate Glue to glue the edge guard back onto the face. It's sold in most home improvement stores. Do not use a Silicone glue because it takes 24 hours to cure and really doesn't work very well.
  • Store your paddle in a safe place. Cover the face so that it will not get scratched.
  • Don't let water get inside the edge guard. It will destroy the paddle's core.
  • Do not leave paddle outside in extreme heat.  Store paddle(s) in cooler temperatures.
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